What type of law should I practice? Best Legal Tips

Types of lawyers /attorneys in the legal profession:

This article will be very useful if you have completed your law degree and are seeking for a suitable field to practice in. The legal profession can be divided into a variety of territories. If you’re thinking about going into law or just searching for a lawyer, you might be wondering, “How many different sorts of attorneys are there? To increase your chances of winning the case or receiving the best settlement out of a legal conflict, you’ll need the assistance of a lawyer who specializes in your case.

What type of lawyers are there?

If you enter into legal field or complete your juris doctor J.D/LLB degree you have many fields to choose in the legal profession you will specialize in only one field. If you are a client and looking for an advocate you should be aware that which type of attorney you should search

Family lawyer:

Adoption, guardianship, paternity, and even child welfare are all concerns that family attorneys deal with. However, these lawyers are best recognized for handling divorce cases (also known as divorce lawyers), family lawyers deal divorce, khula cases, child custody, dowry related issues, family disputes, domestic violence and many more family issues. Valid laws have a well experienced team of family lawyers in all over Pakistan and outside countries to deal with such cases.

This is a well-paid career of law with many opportunities. So, if you have expertise and interest in this profession, I will advise you that there are many more options to study and earn.

If you are a client seeking a divorce, khula, child custody case, or another family issue, you should choose a well-experienced lawyer and prefer a local advocate who lives in the same region so that he can appear in court on time and effectively plead your case.

Criminal lawyer:

The profession of a criminal lawyer is the most popular of all the categories of attorneys. Although the criminal law profession is a difficult one, the lawyers that practice there are intelligent and experienced. Bail, murder trials, dacoity, rape, physical assault, violence, and other types of criminal trials are all dealt with in this branch of law.

It is the highest paying field in all other disciplines for lawyers. Clients will only come to you if you are a well-known and trustworthy advocate, because an inexperienced advocate will not be able to plead these types of cases, so you should create your name by practicing effectively and taking all care when handling a case. You can do so by speaking with an experienced and well-known criminal lawyer, as a criminal lawyer’s pupil has a solid reputation in this sector.

If you are a client then rely only on a well-experienced lawyer. Valid laws have a most experienced criminal lawyer team.

Civil lawyer:

Personal injuries, contracts, property, inheritance, and family law are all covered by civil law. A Civil Law Lawyer can advise you on your legal rights and obligations if you are creating or party to a trust, contract, mortgage, title, or lease. This can save you a lot of money and legal headaches down the road. Legal field is full of civil matters these include Contract conflicts (such as alimony, damage, and debt), class action lawsuits (such as discrimination), land disputes, and complaints made against a government entity are all examples of civil breach.

If you’re a lawyer seeking for a rewarding field to practice in, this is it. Every person needs a civil lawyer to defend his or her fundamental rights. In today’s culture, breach of contract is very widespread, and everyone needs a lawyer to defend themselves. A lawyer in this profession will not be completely free.

If you are a client in need of a civil issue lawyer, choose a local and skilled attorney. If you have a civil case and are unsure what to do, valid laws would be delighted to meet with you and explore your options. If you do not hire us, we will not charge you for this initial consultation. Our goal is to assist you in achieving the greatest results at the lowest possible cost.

Environmental laws:

Environmental lawyers are professionals in the Environmental Protection Agency’s policies and recommendations (EPA). Environmental lawyers represent individuals,groups, governments, and other entities on both sides of the law as plaintiffs and defendants in matters involving environmental harm or protection that may affect the public’s interest and welfare. All living creatures depend on our environment to survive, thus if it becomes contaminated, it will hurt all living things, notably humans, our children, and our older folks.

If you are a lawyer with an interest in environmental law, you should first study about the EPA and other environmental laws. It is a technical field in which you can work for various environmental protection agencies, non-governmental organizations, and businesses that are dedicated to the protection and welfare of our environment. You can also work for the government and contribute to environmental welfare.

Employment and labor lawyer:

Whether you’re a company experiencing problems with an employee or an individual having problems with the company you work for, an employment lawyer can help with legal issues that arise from an employment contract or inside an employment relationship. Employee and employer rights in cases of workplace harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, termination and suspension of employees, privacy rights, wage and overtime requirements, and all workplace safety rules are advocated by employment lawyers. Lawyers who specialize in labor law can concentrate on union-management interactions and collective bargaining.

If you are a lawyer with an interest in this topic of law, it is a great field to practice in, and you can join a firm and work as a legal advisor. Because there are many job and labor concerns in every country, this industry has many opportunities.

If you are a client looking for a lawyer, you may contact the valid laws team at any time because we have many experienced lawyers who work on employment and labor matters in both lower and higher courts.

Estate planning lawyer:

No one is aware of his death. Every human being will die one day, and his property will be owned by his offspring and loved ones, necessitating the use of an estate planning lawyer to resolve this type of property conflict. Estate planning lawyer is an expert in his field. A civil lawyer can also deal with this type of issue. Estate planning lawyers also ensure that all tax and legal issues are addressed throughout the procedure. This type of lawyer can assist you in establishing a will and trust to protect your children’s financial and property rights.

It is a good field to practice if you are a lawyer with an interest in this topic. A lawyer is always required for wills and trusts. You can work as a family lawyer or a company’s legal counsel and defend this type of dispute. A civil lawyer or intellectual property lawyer can also deal with this type of issue.

If you are a client and looking for an estate planning advocate look for a specialized, well experienced lawyer in this field. Valid laws team have most experienced and expert lawyers in this field by which you can consult freely.

Immigration lawyer:

When traveling or residing abroad, you may require the assistance of an immigration lawyer to help you with matters such as immigration, citizenship, green cards, refugees, asylum, and visas. They can also assist you with deportation issues. If you are seeking citizenship in another nation, there are numerous procedures to complete, and if you miss one, the process will be delayed, therefore you should hire an attorney to complete each step.

If you are a lawyer with an interest in this sector, I strongly advise you to pursue it. Every person living abroad requires legal assistance.

Always put your trust in an experienced lawyer if you are a client. Valid laws have an expert team in Pakistan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries with whom you can freely consult.

Tax lawyer:

If you are a citizen of the country, an employee, or a corporation, you should pay your taxes on time, and you will need a tax lawyer to pay your taxes, register your firm, or obtain an NTN number. Tax lawyers help their clients prepare for audits and reduce their company’s tax liability. They specialize in federal, provincial and local taxes and help their clients.

If you are interested in becoming a lawyer, this is the best and most well-paid job, and everyone earning more than 33,000 rupees per month must file a tax return and pay taxes annually. Because this profession is highly technical, ACCA and CA graduates also work in it, thus a lawyer must put in a lot of effort.

If you are a client looking for taxpayer professionals, be cautious when selecting them. Valid laws have a team of tax consultants, including certified accountants and tax lawyers, who will guide you in the right direction and assist you in lowering your taxes.

Personal injury lawyers:

If you go to a restaurant and get food poisoning, or if you drive by car and get into an accident due to poor road conditions, and you and your family are hurt, you can sue for compensation in court, and you will need a personal injury lawyer. It’s also includes cases of defamation. Personal injury attorneys serve those who have been hurt physically, emotionally, or financially. They may also represent people, families, or organizations in legal cases involving accidents or injuries.

If you work as a lawyer, you will find that it is a fascinating subject in which you will learn new things every day. Because there is little competition in this profession, a lawyer in this field can command a high salary.

Bankruptcy lawyer:

This type of lawyer can help you determine whether you are eligible for going bankrupt. It may be time to file for bankruptcy if you are having financial difficulties and have become deeply in debt. Medical debt, home foreclosure, and credit card debt are some of the most typical reasons people seek out a bankruptcy lawyer. A bankruptcy lawyer assists clients in filing for bankruptcy, representing them in court, and recovering their credit ratings following bankruptcy.

If you are a lawyer with an interest in these topics, this is a well-paying sector with some technicalities.

Intellectual Property lawyer/attorney:

An intellectual property lawyer, often known as an IP attorney, may help you with intellectual property concerns including copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design, and trade secrets.

If you are a lawyer, I recommend that you pursue this area. Although there are certain technicalities, it is a well-paid industry. This is the finest revenue source for an attorney if you are interested in this subject.

If you are a client in need of an advocate, you should seek out one who specializes in this sector. To begin, speak with your lawyers and learn about the remedies that are available to you.

Valid laws have a highly skilled team that specializes in this area.


What type of lawyers are mostly paid:

There are many types of lawyers who are mostly paid as  

  • Criminal lawyers
  • Civil lawyers
  • Contract lawyers
  • Family lawyers

These lawyers are highly paid in the legal field. 

The legal position in a law career after law graduate:

Some ask what can I do after LLB or Juris Doctor/J.D. degree? What is the career of a law graduate in Pakistan? Here are answers to these questions.

Here is a list of some legal positions after graduation in law. 

  • Advocate
  • Attorney
  • Legal advisor
  • Public prosecutor
  • Advocate general
  • District attorney
  • Law officer
  • Arbitrator
  • Legal assistant
  • Judicial magistrate
  • Barrister
  • Paralegal
  • Investigator/criminologist
  • Professor/lecturer of law

And many more of these types of fields you can choose after LLB/J.D. you can run a legal office or practice for law in subordinate court, High court,s or Supreme courts.


After much debate, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are numerous fields of law to pursue after law school. If someone works hard in his field, a career after law is very promising. Valid laws have a dedicated team in this area, and you can consult with competent lawyers for free, especially in Pakistan.


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