Top 10 Legal and General Bereavement Services in the UK

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is an emotionally challenging experience, and the added pressure of handling legal and administrative tasks can be overwhelming. In the UK, numerous organizations are dedicated to providing support during these difficult times, offering services from legal advice to emotional support. Here, we spotlight the UK’s top 10 legal and general bereavement services, detailing their services, contact information, and how they can assist you through this challenging period.

1. Cruse Bereavement Care

Services: Offers emotional support, counseling, and advice for bereaved people. Contact their helpline at 0808 808 1677—website: Cruse Bereavement Care Address: Unit 01, One Victoria Villas, Richmond, TW9 2GW.

A well-known national charity in the UK, Cruse Bereavement Care is committed to helping people of all ages who are grieving, no matter when their loss happened or what caused them to pass away. Since its founding in 1959, Cruse has developed into a vital resource, offering its network of skilled volunteers free, private services. It provides a variety of assistance choices, such as group therapy sessions, individual counseling, child and youth support, and a national helpline. The goal of Cruse Bereavement Care is to enhance the well-being of those who have experienced a loss by assisting them in understanding and coping with their grief and by striving to increase public awareness of the needs of bereaved persons in society.

2. The Bereavement Register

Services: Helps reduce unwanted direct mail to the deceased, reducing distress. Contact: Call 020 7089 6403 or email Website: The Bereavement Register Address: Not specified, contact via website or phone.

In the UK, an important program called the Bereavement Register is meant to lessen the quantity of direct marketing correspondence that is sent to deceased people, which will lessen the bereaved’s emotional suffering. Established in 2000, this complimentary service enables heirs or executors to register the deceased’s details, thereby halting the majority of unsolicited marketing posts in as little as six weeks. By doing this, it serves to preserve the deceased’s privacy and honor their memory while also giving bereaved families a concrete step towards handling the day-to-day affairs of their loved one. The service is well known for helping to reduce the extra stress that comes with engaging with businesses and government agencies during a time of bereavement.

3. National Bereavement Service (NBS)

Services: Provides free advice on probate, wills, and what to do when someone dies. Contact: Call 0800 0246 121 for support. Website: National Bereavement Service Address: Check website for nearest service location.

In the UK, the National Bereavement Service (NBS) provides all-encompassing assistance to people navigating the intricate and frequently overwhelming process that comes after losing a loved one. This program covers everything from financial and legal concerns to grieving, offering both emotional support and helpful guidance. The NBS provides access to counseling and support groups to help manage the emotional aspects of loss while guiding people through the essential legal procedures, including probate, wills, and estate management, in recognition of the complex issues that come with grief.

4. Bereavement Advice Centre

Services: Offers practical advice on what to do after a death, including funeral arrangements and financial matters. Contact: Call 0800 634 9494 for free advice. Website: Bereavement Advice Centre Address: Not specified, contact via phone or website.

A great resource in the UK for anyone coping with a loved one’s death is the Bereavement Advice Centre, which provides free, helpful guidance. The centre offers clear and simple counsel, specialising in the multitude of administrative procedures that can seem onerous during a time of bereavement. These tasks include registering a death, arranging a burial, dealing with the deceased’s estate, and comprehending the probate process. Their assistance also includes more focused problems like handling the estate’s assets and utilities or figuring out the intricate tax and benefit systems. The Bereavement Advice Centre uses a caring approach to help people focus on their recovery by reducing the stress and confusion that can accompany the bereavement process.

5. The Good Grief Trust

Services: Brings all UK bereavement services, advice, and support under one umbrella. Contact: Visit their website for various contact options. Website: The Good Grief Trust Address: Not specified, contact via website.

A great resource in the UK for anyone coping with a loved one’s death is the Bereavement Advice Centre, which provides free, helpful guidance. The centre offers clear and simple counsel, specialising in the multitude of administrative procedures that can seem onerous during a time of bereavement. These tasks include registering a death, arranging a burial, dealing with the deceased’s estate, and comprehending the probate process. Their assistance also includes more focused problems like handling the estate’s assets and utilities or figuring out the intricate tax and benefit systems. The Bereavement Advice Centre strives to make the bereavement process simpler for people by reducing the stress and confusion that frequently accompany it with a sympathetic approach.

6. Co-op Legal Services

Services: Offers fixed fee probate and estate administration services. Contact: Call 0330 606 9548 for support. Website: Co-op Legal Services Address: 1 Angel Square, Manchester, M60 0AG.

As a prominent member of the Co-operative Group in the UK, Co-op Legal Services offers a comprehensive variety of legal services, including substantial help for bereaved parties. Their area of expertise lies in providing uncomplicated and language-free guidance on issues like inheritance disputes, will preparation, probate, and estate administration. Acknowledging the psychological challenges associated with handling legal matters following a loved one’s passing, Co-op Legal Services strives to make the process easier by offering unambiguous direction and assistance all along the way. Their grieving staff is qualified to handle situations delicately and carefully, making sure that customers have the support they need in their hour of need. Furthermore, Co-op Legal Services frequently offers its clients financial security and transparency by handling probate and estate administration on a fixed-fee basis.

7. Quilter Cheviot Bereavement Services

Services: Provides support with managing investments and estates after a loss. Contact: Find specific contact details on their website. Website: Quilter Cheviot Address: One of their offices across the UK, details on website.

Leading wealth management firm in the UK Quilter Cheviot provides clients with customized grief services to help them through the trying period following a loved one’s passing. Quilter Cheviot provides professional guidance on managing and administering the deceased’s estate and investment portfolios since she understands the emotional and financial challenges that accompany loss. Their services are designed to make sure that the money-related aspects of loss are managed professionally, discreetly, and with tact. In an effort to reduce the burden of financial matters during a time of grief, the Quilter Cheviot team works closely with executors and beneficiaries to navigate the complexities of estate planning, investment management, and inheritance tax implications. Their client-centered strategy guarantees that the decedent’s financial legacy is handled in accordance with their final desires.

8. Age UK

Services: Offers advice and support for older people who are bereaved. Contact: Call their free advice line at 0800 055 6112. Website: Age UK Address: Tavis House, 1-6 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9NA.

Age UK is the nation’s leading charity that helps everyone make the most of later life. In recognition of the unique problems older people encounter when they lose a spouse, family member, or friend, Age UK has expanded its support to include bereavement services. Their method is all-encompassing; in addition to providing helpful guidance on the legal and estate administration duties that come with a death, they also provide emotional support to assist senior citizens in overcoming bereavement and isolation. Age UK offers a plethora of online tools, support groups, and bereavement counseling to assist individuals in mourning as they work through the anguish of loss. Additionally, Age UK’s wide network of local branches means that help is accessible across the country, delivering a compassionate.

9. Citizens Advice

Services: Provides free, confidential advice, including bereavement support. Contact: Contact your local Citizens Advice or call 03444 111 444 in England. Website: Citizens Advice Address: Various locations, check website for nearest office.

A well-known network of independent charities across the UK, Citizens Advice provides vital support to people coping with a variety of problems, including bereavement. Citizens Advice, which is renowned for offering free, private, and unbiased advice, is essential in helping people deal with the challenges that come with losing a loved one. Legal procedures, financial advice on wills, estates, debts, and benefits, as well as assistance in managing the emotional effects of loss, are all included in their comprehensive service offerings. With a vast online resource library and a committed staff of advisors accessible by phone, email, and in-person meetings, Citizens Advice makes sure bereaved people can get the help they need to deal with the day-to-day realities of loss.

10. Grief Encounter

Services: Specializes in supporting bereaved children and young people. Contact: Call their grieftalk helpline at 0808 802 0111. Website: Grief Encounter Address: Unit 0.1, One Victoria Villas, Richmond, TW9 2GW.

Leading UK charity Grief Encounter helps children and young people who have experienced loss. Grief Encounter offers specialist services as a lifeline, understanding the distinct issues faced by younger people following the loss of a parent, sibling, or significant person in their lives. These consist of therapeutic seminars, professional grief counseling, and enjoyable outings, all aimed at assisting kids and teenagers in communicating their loss, feeling heard, and developing healthy coping mechanisms. In order to provide a whole approach to grief care, the organization also provides information and assistance for families as well as professionals that interact with grieving children. The creative use of technology by Grief Encounter, including an app made to assist young people in managing their commitment to easily available and up-to-date support techniques.


Grief and mourning are extremely personal journeys that can sometimes feel lonely. These UK agencies provide essential legal, emotional, and general support during such times, acting as a lifeline. These groups are available to assist you if you need guidance with probate, would like to chat with someone about your loss, or need help with the day-to-day duties associated with a death. Recall that it’s acceptable to ask for help; these resources ensure you don’t have to go through your grieving process alone.


How many bereavement days are you entitled to in the UK?

In the UK, there’s no statutory entitlement for bereavement leave for employees, except for parents who lose a child under the age of 18 or suffer a stillbirth from 24 weeks of pregnancy, who are entitled to 2 weeks leave as per the Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay regulations. Other bereavement leaves depend on the employer’s discretion.

How much is the bereavement pay in the UK?

Eligible employees can receive Statutory Parental Bereavement Pay (SPBP) at the rate of £156.66 a week or 90% of their average weekly earnings (whichever is lower) for up to two weeks.

What is proof of bereavement in the UK?

Proof of bereavement can vary but generally includes a death certificate, a funeral service program, or an obituary notice. Employers may specify what they accept as proof.

What is a family bereavement?

Family bereavement refers to the period of mourning and grief following the death of a family member. It involves coping with the loss and adjusting to life without the deceased.

What are the three elements of bereavement?

The three elements of bereavement typically include grief (the emotional response to loss), mourning (the process of adapting to a world without the deceased), and adjustment (the period of learning to live with the loss and moving forward).

What is the basic of bereavement?

The basics of bereavement involve experiencing, understanding, and adapting to the loss of a loved one. It includes the emotional responses of grief, the processes of mourning, and ultimately, finding a way to adjust and continue with life while honoring the memory of the deceased.

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