Hello, Crime Family, and welcome back to Episode 93 at the True Crime BnB. This week we have a little more cussing than usual, because it comes up in quotes that really contribute to the telling of the stories.

Yes! I said STORIES. I’m harking back to the Bad Guy / Good Guy days, even in a solo episode, because if i can have an upper story to close the episode, then I will do that.

First up is the senseless murder of 24 year old Susan Schwarz, who was killed in Snohomish County, Washington in 1979. Because of witness intimidation by the perpetrator, it was 32 years before her killer was brought to justice, but in the end, we applaud the witness for speaking up. Susan was a victim of revenge because she tried to help someone else who was also a victim. And she deserves to be remembered for the good, kind, compassionate young woman she was.

I’m closing today with the upper story of Curtescine Foster Lloyd, a 51 year old woman in Edwards, Mississippi who was accosted in her bedroom by a naked man with evil intentions. But Curtescine saw her opportunity and took it. And that would-be rapist regretted the day he ever made his way into her house. Curtescine’s testimony had the jury rolling with laughter, so don’t miss this episode! (this is where almost all of the cussing comes in)

So thank you for stopping by, If you’ve missed Puss in the bloopers, she made her comeback today, so don’t forget to hang around after the Outro to hear what she had to say.

See you back in two weeks, take care, and do something nice for yourself today!

Time Stamps:

0:00:00 Intro

0:01:30 Susan Schwarz

0:17:40 Survivor Curtescine Foster Lloyd

0:26:05 Wrap-up

0:27:32 Outro

0:27:42 Bloopers


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