Hey, Crime Family, thanks for bearing with me as I am dropping Episode 92 two days late. The previous week just didn’t allow me to finish it for Friday, so I am doing my first-ever Sunday release so I can stay on track for every other week.

So, that business out of the way, this episode is a bit of a throwback to the old bad-guy / good-guy format that I still use in collaborations, but I’m both bad and good guy today. Today I bring you three teenagers who showed such strength, bravery, and presence of mind that they prevented the injury or death of people they cared about, or in one case, of complete strangers. Fair warning, these are hard cases to hear and definitely hard cases to narrate, so if you hear the emotion in my voice, you have no idea how many times i had to reread some of these paragraphs until I could get them out without a croak.

Canaan Bower of Las Cruces, New Mexico, was 16 years old when he prevented a kidnapping, or worse, of a family at a gas station. Canaan was a champion heavyweight wrestler, but also an exemplary leader and human being, and his story is important.

Jayden Perkins, of Chicago, Illinois, was 11 years old when he saved his pregnant mom and unborn sibling from almost certain death when his mom’s distant ex burst into their home with a knife. Jayden was that child whom everyone adored, who brought light and sunshine into the day of every person he met. His story must be told, so that he will never be forgotten.

Josslyn Millan, of Midvale, Utah, was 13 years old when her world went in an instant from a safe, family environment to absolute terror in a carjacking. Her first thoughts were not for herself, but for her infant sister, and she instinctively did all of the most important things to take control of the situation and get herself and her baby sister Ivey home safely.

As per our regular format, the last story will leave you on a positive note to go out into the world feeling uplifted.

As always, I’m grateful that you have stopped by here at the True Crime BnB! Have a seat, grab a frosty beverage off the bar, and let’s talk about some outstanding young people that you’ll never forget!

Time Stamps:

0:00:00 Intro

0:01:05 Canaan Bower

0:08:45 Jayden Perkins

0:18:28 Josslyn Millan

0:25:52 Wrap-up

0:27:25 Outro


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