Thank you for joining me to back at the True Crime BnB for Episode 89. Today I am taking you to Mexico City in 1958, and we are going to remember the murder of Harriet Ann Eckman Hicks. But there is a lot to remember about Harriet besides the way she was taken from her family.

Harriet was a woman who made her own life and lived outside the bounds of what society expected of her in the 1950’s. She was a creative, an entrepreneur, and a woman ahead of her time. She built a life that she loved, and that included solo travel as she saw fit. Unfortunately, on one of her trips to Mexico City, Mexico, she came into contact with a predator who used Mexico City as his hunting grounds and attacked or killed numerous other women.

When you see furniture or decorations that are woven from pandanus leaves, you can thank Harriet for being one of the very first who popularized the style; when you see themed Christmas trees, she was one of the first to do that, too.

Harriet Ann Eckman Hicks was an extraordinary person, a woman who didn’t sit and wait for permission to make her life what she wanted it to be. And Harriet deserves to be remembered.


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