AmendmentsPakistan smart National identity card(SNIC), NICOP, AND POS

Pakistan smart National identity card(SNIC), NICOP, AND POS

An identity card is necessary for a person to be recognized as a citizen of a certain state and to get access to rights and services including political participation, employment, and health care. It may be difficult to get even basic services without a legal identification card. A person’s age, disability, and citizenship status are all factor considered when National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) issue National Identity Card(NIC) to them. NADRA Headquarters is in Islamabad and the timing is 09:00-17:00 Monday-Friday.

The previous ID cards are currently being replaced with the chip-based Smart Card from NADRA, often known as the National Identity Card or NIC. Here is all you need to know about the Smart National Identity Card and why choosing it when you renew your National Identity Card is a good idea.

What is Pakistan’s smart National identity card(SNIC):

In October 2012, NADRA unveiled the Smart National Identification Card (SNIC), the country of Pakistan’s first national electronic identity card. The SNIC in Pakistan has 36 security elements in addition to a data chip. Both ICAO Standard 9303 and ISO Standard 7816-4 are followed by the SNIC. The SNIC may be used for services such as offline and online identification, voting, pension payments, social and financial inclusion initiatives, and others.

As a result of having your biometrics synced, getting a NADRA Smart Card also means that you won’t need to carry your SNIC with you everywhere since anyone can identify you using just their thumbprint or fingerprint as long as they have a biometric device that is connected to NADRA’s central database and gives them access to identity verification data.

Features of SNIC:

Smart Card is such type of card which have all information as compared to CNIC it stores much data as compared to CNIC. It has a bar code and a microchip that can store your online and offline data. It can be scanned at everywhere and all details can be checked. SNIC has these things on its front side

Individual’s picture

  • A person’s name (English & Urdu)
  • Name of father/husband (English & Urdu)
  • Gender (Male/Female/Transgender)
  • Staying country
  • Identity Card No (13-digit long)
  • born on date (DDMMYY)
  • Issuance on:
  • Expiry Date
  • Signature of Cardholder
  • Usually, the reverse of the card will include the following information:
  • the person’s current address
  • permanent address of the person
  • The QR Code
  • The serial number on a card

Benefits of SNIC:

In the future, CNIC will no longer work because it is in Urdu format and some countries can’t read Urdu easily so this is a time of the smart cards. The smart card has the following benefits;

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Fewer opportunities for any unlawful conduct

Easy biometric verification

Identity theft protection for lost or stolen cards

Database using digital encryption to protect your information

Confirmation of identification is simple anywhere, at any time.

Difference between CNIC and SNIC:

SNIC is a more secure Identity Card.CNIC is a less secured Identity card.
Because the chip can preserve more data.It can save less data because it has no chip.
It is in English format and English is an international languageIt is in Urdu format and most countries can’t read Urdu easily.
It does have a QR code and can be easily scanned at any time.It doesn’t have a QR code so can’t be scanned
Qualifications, current nation, marital status, and voting status are all clearly readable information that will be utilized for efforts to promote social and financial inclusion.Other information can’t be read easily besides general biodata
It can be used internationally.It is not used internationally
Not Easily copied due to QR CODE and chip.Easily copied


First of all, visit website Pakistan identity website available on Play Store and after opening Apply Online button follow these steps.

  • Create an account
  • Select an appropriate category, then launch your application.
  • online application form completion
  • using a debit or credit card to pay a fee
  • Upload a scanned image of a picture or a photo using the Pak-ID mobile application.
  • Download the Pak-ID mobile application and use it to capture and submit your fingerprint.
  • uploading documents using the Pak-ID mobile application or scanning and uploading paper documents
  • Send in your application
  • It is recommended to attach all supporting documentation (i.e. passport, ID cards, etc.)

You can visit the website for photos, documentation, and fingerprint guidelines.

What is NICOP?

National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis(NICOP) is an Identity Card for overseas Pakistanis who are living abroad.

National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is a registration card given to a Pakistani citizen who meets the requirements and resides or has ties to another country.

Anyone who holds dual nationality is eligible to apply for NICOP and go to Pakistan without a visa. Please be aware that if your baby was born overseas, you must have their passport number in order to apply for NICOP.

What is POC?

An identification card called a Pakistan Origin Card (POC) is given to those of Pakistani ancestry who have given up their nationality. The POC card bearer is not a citizen of Pakistan, but as long as the POC card is active, he or she may enter and remain in Pakistan without a visa.

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Application type:

The Pakistan Origin Card (POC) program aims to give eligible immigrants unheard-of incentives to return to their roots while preserving the motherland’s close ties with ex-pats around the world which includes:

  • several entries into Pakistan without a visa.
  • Staying in Pakistan indefinitely without having to report to the police or the foreigners’ registration offices, etc.
  • Possession of the right to buy, sell, possess, use, and dispose of both movable and immovable property across Pakistan.
  • the right to establish and use a bank account in Pakistan.
  • Quick entry and exit from Pakistan on all specified routes, ports, and locations.
  • In lieu of a national identity card, provide identification proof.
  • Possibility of Employment

Eligibility criteria:

You qualify for POC if:

  • You gave up your nationality when you were a Pakistani citizen.
  • You are a foreign national who is married to a Pakistani native and whose parents are or have ever been Pakistani citizens.
  • Your parents or grandparents were or are Pakistani citizens, but you are a foreign national.
  • You are a foreign national and one or more of your immediate family members (brother, sister, uncle, aunt) is or was a citizen of Pakistan.
  • A foreigner who marries a Pakistani national or citizen but is not a Pakistani national or citizen is entitled to POC insurance, with the exception of the following:
  • Not a resident or citizen of Taiwan, Israel, or India.
  • not a national or citizen of a state or nation that Pakistan does not recognize;
  • not a national of any adversary nation.

Processing Time:

Delivery time for a typical application may take up to 21 days.

Applications can be submitted urgently, and delivery typically takes 1-2 weeks.

Required Documents:

On the official website, here, you can see the list of required documents. This is also available in Urdu at this site. http://id.nadra.gov.pk/

Time and Applicability:

You may enter more than once.

POC is initially valid for up to 7 years, but an extension is possible for up to 10 years.

Online website launched for (SNIC):

The Embassy no longer processes CNICs, NICOPs, or Smart National ID Cards in accordance with NADRA’s custom directives. NADRA has established a website via which, after proper processing, the card will be issued to your home address.

Other services of the NADRA website:

This website is multi-functioned and you can also check many other things from the website as;

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NADRA ID Card Tracking;

you can track your online NADRA cards and check your status at any time from your mobile. You do not need to wait and further wait for your id card. It is a Simple step at your fingertips.

Health Card Facility by CNIC:

 PM Pakistan launched a health card facility for citizens of Pakistan which is availed by SNIC.

BISP/NSER Registration check:

You Can Check Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Online registration by SNIC.

EHSAAS Program CNIC Check Online Registration:

You can also check online EHSAAS Program Registration by using the SNIC number.

Will I be informed of my application’s progress?

On the specified cellphone number and email address, Pak Identity System will send alerts about the processing of your application. At each of the following application steps, you will get a notification:

  • Create a Pak-Identity Account on this link
  • Fee Remittance
  • submitting an application
  • Application acceptance, denial, or deferral
  • Printing Cards
  • Dispatch of Cards
Can I manually check the progress of my application?
  • Additionally, to the automatic updates mentioned above, if you are applying from outside the United States, you may do so by selecting the existing application tab. You will notice the word “status” in the table next to your tracking ID; click it to learn the status of your application.
  • You may also follow your application if you are applying from Pakistan by texting your Application Tracking ID to “8400.”


To apply for a SNIC/SNICOP online or even in a NADRA Registration Center, you will require a variety of papers (NRC). To find out which papers are needed for identification documentation, use this handy service. Simply choose the appropriate application type from each drop-down box to receive a detailed list of the papers needed to complete your specific application.

Delivery Time and FEE Structure:

Depending on the kind of service you choose, your smart Card will arrive at a different time and cost. Below are the delivery options and associated costs for the smart Card.

Type of DeliveryDelivery TimeFee
Normal31 daysPKR 750
Urgent23 daysPKR 1500
Fast Track9 daysPKR 2500

This procedure was for SNIC we will talk about NICOP zone A Pakistanis:

Overseas Pakistanis Card Zone ANormal USDUrgent USDExecutive USD
New Smart NICOP395775
Smart NICOP Modification395775
Smart NICOP Duplicate395775
Smart NICOP Renewal395775

  This was for zone A we will talk about zone B overseas Pakistanis

Overseas Pakistanis Card Zone BNormal USDUrgent USDExecutive USD
New Smart NICOP203040
Smart NICOP Modification203040
Smart NICOP Duplicate203040
Smart NICOP Renewal203040


NADRA has eliminated the need that applicants to provide a copy of a First Information Report (FIR) in order to get a duplicate ID card since the introduction of the online SNIC application procedure. Before utilizing the application procedure outlined above to receive a reprinted SNIC through the Pak-Identity online site, you should still register an FIR if you are concerned about the data contained in the chip-based National Identity Card and the danger of identity theft.

Download the undertaking for a lost card, fill it out, and submit it for printing again. Additionally, listed above under the “Duplicate” category are fees for reproducing a card after it has been lost or stolen.


To sum up, I can say that the smart card era is now, and every citizen should take advantage of this service. The NADRA website provided significant convenience through its app and online services. They assist Pakistanis living abroad as well. Therefore, we ought to utilize internet services.

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