Law subjectsLLBLLB(HONS) 5 Year Admission

LLB(HONS) 5 Year Admission

LLB(HONS) 5-Year Degree equips students to speak out against injustice, violence, and other crimes against humanity and to become advocates.

What is a Lawyer/Advocate?

A lawyer is a qualified professional who advises and represents people in legal matters. They may also be referred to as attorneys, counsels, or counselors. A lawyer of today may be male or female, young or elderly. Nearly one-third of all attorneys are under the age of 35.

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What are the duties of a Lawyer?

A lawyer, or attorney, offers legal advice and representation to people, companies, and governmental bodies. Their responsibilities often include administering their clients’ legal actions, dealing with courts and other attorneys, and teaching and defending clients about their rights.

What is mandatory to take admission to Law in Pakistan?

To take admission in LLB HONS 5-year program;

  • You must complete 12 years of education
  • Age is not up to 25 years
  • Pass LAT (Law Admission Test)
  • 20 Additional marks to Hafiz-e-Quran

University for admission in LLB:

Many universities are offering LLB 5-year admission but firstly you should choose a university that is recognized by HEC (Higher Educational Council). You can check the affiliation of Universities online from HEC official website.

LLB(HONS) 5-year program is annual or semester?

In Pakistan, the LLB(HONS) 5-year program is both annual and semester. In different Universities system is different.  

When did admissions open for LLB (HONS) 5 Year?

Admissions for LLB open according to the schedule of the University system nearly in October and November. But you can’t apply for LLB in any university without LAT (Law Admission Test). LAT (Law Admission Test) admissions open in July are advertised on Valid Laws so, if you want to apply for LAT keep visiting our website Validlaws.com


Fee Structure for LLB in Pakistan:

Low-income students anticipate financial aid and scholarships to be provided for the 2022 LLB program. Private institutions charge between 1 lac every semester, while public universities charge between Rs. 40000 to Rs. 50000. Some institutions assist students by offering minor financing via government or university scholarship programs that allow underprivileged students to pay the LLB Program Cost or by offering an installment plan to needy students who are unable to afford a high study program fee.

Some top Universities for LLB in Pakistan:

If we talk about top Universities for LLB 5-year Degree program in Pakistan, then Punjab University Law college comes to the top of the list. Other Universities also have importance in the Law field as

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