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How to Check First Information Report (FIR) in Pakistan

What is FIR?

A First Information Report, or FIR, is a written document made by the police that tells about the commission of a crime that can be recognized. Most of the time, the victim, a witness, or someone who knows about the crime is the one who files this report. If a police officer finds out about the crime, they can also file an FIR.

In Pakistan, unlike what most people think, you don’t have to give the police a written report to file an FIR. One can instead talk about the crime or even call the police. It is up to the police to file an FIR right away, without any excuses or delays. In fact, failing to file an FIR is a crime that can lead to disciplinary action against the officer involved.

Filing an FIR is very important because the police can’t start looking into something until they have a report of it. Because of this, an FIR is one of the most important legal documents that start the criminal justice process.

It’s also important to note that you can only file an FIR for a crime that the police can investigate on their own, without a court order. For crimes that the police know about, they can also arrest someone without a warrant.

Who can register an FIR?

After a cognizable offense has been committed in Pakistan, the following people can file an FIR:

  • The person who has been wronged is the victim.
  • The person who saw the crime happen is called a witness.
  • Whoever knows that the crime has been done

According to a citizen’s guide published by the Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) Pakistan, the police may not investigate an incident even after an FIR has been filed if it is not serious or if the authorities think there isn’t enough evidence to do so. The police may also not do anything if all of their resources are being used to look into more serious crimes.

Still, Section 157 of the Code of Criminal Procedure from 1898 says that the police have to write down why they don’t look into a crime. They must also let the complainant know how their report is going.

How to file a Police FIR in Pakistan?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to file a Police FIR in Pakistan, as required by Section 154 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898.

Step 1: You have to go to a police station or call their helpline number to tell them about a crime that they can recognize.

Step 2: Ask the police officer to read you the report after he or she has written it up and taken notes. Please keep in mind that you have the right to look over the FIR.

Step 3: Check the information the police wrote down to make sure it includes everything you told them.

Step 4: Sign the report so it can be registered once you’ve checked all the details.

Step 5: People who want to file a complaint but can’t read or write must instead give their left thumb impression.

Step 6: Ask for a copy of the FIR from the police. It must be given away for free.

What to do if your FIR doesn’t get filed?

The police officer can refuse to file an FIR for a number of reasons, including:

  • The nature of the case is not important.
  • The police don’t think there are enough reasons to look into the case.
  • If there are too many serious cases for the police to handle,

In this case, you can tell a higher-ranking officer (usually the DSP or SP; in Punjab, you can do this by calling 8787) or the DIG or IG.

If a false FIR is filed or tried to be filed, this is against the law (Section 182), and the FIR needs to be thrown out of court. We can also help you with this.

If an FIR isn’t filed or the process is taking too long, you can file an Application to the Justice of Peace (under Section 22-A or 22-B) to file the FIR or speed up the process if you’ve already tried the above steps. Our Criminal Lawyers can help you more in this area.

Online FIR system in Pakistan:

You can also file police complaints by online FIR in Pakistan by going to the websites of the agencies that handle law enforcement in each province. The new electronic system makes it easier to file complaints and keep track of how they are being handled in terms of arrests and recovery. These databases are also linked to other systems, like NADRA and the Police Human Resource Management Information System, to make sure that all systems have the same data.

Let’s look at what you need to do to file a complaint online in Pakistan.

Filling online complaint in ISLAMABAD/POLICE ONLINE FIR:

The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police are said to have started an online system that will let people who live in the federal capital get all police services from the comfort of their own homes instead of going to police stations. With the new Complaint Management System (CMS), people in Islamabad will also be able to file police online FIR.

Inspector General of the ICT Police, Muhammad Ahsan Younas, says that the CMS will offer the following:

  • Getting an FIR number
  • Concern about the investigation
  • Can complain about the government officials
  • Crimes against women and children should be reported
  • Problem with traffic

Also, Pakistanis living abroad and people from other countries will be able to use the new online system to file complaints. It’s also important to know that the CMS will send the citizens an e-tag number through WhatsApp or text message so they can keep track of what’s going on. The Islamabad Police have also started a Complaint Management System that lets people file FIRs from their own homes.

WhatsApp number of ICT to find lost things:

Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP) has set up a WhatsApp number where people can report lost and found items right away. This is to make it easier for people who live in Islamabad to get help quickly. You can use the number and pictures to report lost or found items and get them back to their owners safely.

The public can call the WhatsApp number (0331-1114287) to report lost or found items. This will speed up the recovery process and help the right people get their things back. People who are going to Islamabad will want to keep this number in case they lose something in the city. Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) in Islamabad, has also asked people to report lost items right away at Pucar-15 and share details and pictures on the given WhatsApp number.

How to register online FIR in PUNJAB/ Punjab Police Online Complaint:

You can register an FIR  through the online Police Complaint Center through the website https://igp-8787-center.psca.gop.pk/online/complaint.   

This website is specially designed for Punjab Police online complaints and to facilitate citizens who do not want to come to police stations.

To file a police complaint online in Punjab, go to the Punjab Police website and scroll down to the “Lodge e-Complaint” button on the main page. Then, you’ll be taken to a new page where you’ll have two options: track your complaint or make a new one.

  • If you want to file a new complaint, you will need to fill in your name, CNIC number, and phone number before clicking “Submit.”
  • You can also call or text message 8787 to make a complaint.
  • To get a copy of your FIR, go back to the Punjab Police website and put your cursor over the box that says “Request.” To move forward, choose “Copy of FIR” from the drop-down menu.

Punjab Police complaint status check:

 Through this website, you can also check the Punjab Police complaint status.

Online Police Complain in BALOCHISTAN:

In BALOCHISTAN, you can file an online complaint by going to the website of the provincial police https://balochistanpolice.gov.pk/cms  and clicking on the “e-complaint” tab on the main page.

You can send an online complaint to any of the province’s 33 districts using this form. You can also upload many files and documents to the portal if you need to.

You can also file a complaint by calling 8787 or sending a text message to that number.

Online Police Complain in SINDH:

Visit the Sindh Police website and click on “Complaint Management System” from the list of quick links

https://igpcms.sindhpolice.gov.pk/ on the main page to get to the online complaint portal. Once you’re there, you can start to file your complaint by putting your CNIC in the field and clicking “Next.”

Online Police Complain In KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA:

Visit the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police website https://kppolice.gov.pk/fir.php  and click on “Online FIR” on the left side of the page. To file an online FIR, once the web form opens, carefully fill in your name, your father’s name, your CNIC number, your landline number, your mobile number, your address, your home district, your home police station, the date of the incident, and details about what happened.

On the other hand, you can check the status of your FIR online by clicking on e-FIR in the left-hand navigation panel and entering your CNIC number in the blank field before clicking the “Search” button.

Punjab Police Online FIR check:

You can check the online status of your FIR. You can check it from the website or track the online complaint number received from the relevant police station front desk.

You can also check the status of your police report on the same page.

What is the time period to report FIR?

No statutory (law-prescribed) deadline exists for filing an FIR.

However, it must be done so as soon as the incident occurs since failing to file an FIR on time usually casts suspicion on its veracity.

If you were unable to file a police report right away, be sure to register it later and provide the reason why.

What happens when FIR registers against me/what I can do after FIR?

What remedies are available to citizens when a police officer does not arrest a person after FIR?

You can report the matter to District Police Officer and can go to the magistrate.

How can I get an FIR copy?

FIR copy:

PKM will provide FIR copies to citizens in exchange for some simple information.

Required Paperwork:
  • two copies, and the original of the applicant’s CNIC
  • Why do you need a copy of the FIR
  • Police Station and FIR Number
  • a copy of the appropriate paperwork
Processing Charges:


Reaction Time:

5 to 10 minutes for on-the-spot registration

Delivery method:

through hand

FIR copy online:

You can also get an FIR copy online by approaching the online portal of the Punjab Police or other province’s official website in some simple steps.

How can someone get bail after FIR:

When examining a bail application, a court must first assess the relevant facts and circumstances. If it determines that there is no reasonable basis to believe that the accused has committed a crime for which bail is not allowed, it may then decide whether to grant bail. The Court should limit its inquiry to the evidence put before it by the prosecution rather than delve into the merits of the case in order to determine if there are any concrete allegations against the accused that, if left unchallenged, may imply guilt.

Moreover, it would not be enough to simply accuse someone of a crime that is not eligible for bail to prevent them from being released on bond. As opposed to only an accusation of suspicion, there must be reasonable reasons. No matter how intense the suspicion, it cannot replace a reasonable foundation.

The phrase “reasonable grounds” has more importance and connotation than the term “suspicion.” It is the responsibility of the prosecution to provide solid evidence supporting their case. The Court has the option to grant bail if the evidence put before it does not convince it that there are solid reasons to suspect the accused is guilty.

The higher Courts shall not be unwilling to intervene and award relief where the liberty of a citizen is at stake and the police/behavior prosecutions are shown to be mala fide and aimed to collect evidence or information from the detainee—government of Sindh v. Reesa Farooq and 5 others, 1994 SCMR 1283.

Can someone have arrested after FIR?

FIR means the first investigation report. A police officer has the power to arrest and If a person is arrested, he can get bail in bailable cases in non-bailable cases bail is upon the discretion of the Honorable court. A person can also get bail before arrest to stop police to arrest him. He can get after arrest bail when arrested.

How to check the online FIR record of a person/ online FIR check by CNIC:

As technology is growing day by day it also advances in the record system of police. Now you can check the criminal record of a person online through the Pehchaan app. This app can also be used for online FIR checks by CNIC.  This app is launched by Punjab Safe Cities Authority.

You can download this app from the play store and make an account and then you can search a criminal record of a person by providing his CNIC number.

What can I do when someone registers fake FIR?

When someone files a false police report or has malicious intent, the defendant is eligible for pre-arrest bail and may launch a defamation lawsuit if the plaintiff is presenting false evidence.

How do report a crime to the front desk at the police station?

In all of Punjab, Front Desks/Reception Rooms have been set up to assist applicants at the Police Stations. Both male and female civilian I.T. branch employees manage these reception areas.

The complainants are given an E-Tag after submitting their applications, and a Complaint Management System (CMS) software is operational to handle visitor complaints. When an application is made to the system, Senior Supervisory Officers and the Provincial Monitoring Room at the Central Police Office in Lahore keep an eye on its progress until it has reached its logical end. If necessary, the applicant may also have the application written for them at the reception areas. This application program has been used to address 8,396,891 complaints so far.

Is area restriction applying to FIR?

Fir is commonly registered in the jurisdiction police station where incidents happened. In some cases, FIR is launched in other police stations and it will be called ZERO FIR.


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So, from the above discussion, we can conclude that every person should be knowledgeable about FIR. Living in freedom is one of a citizen’s essential rights. A suitable mechanism should be in place to handle fake FIR filings, and those who do so should be penalized to break their practice.

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